Snowboarding is dead. Long live snowboarding. Before the credits rolled on Travis Rice’s new film Depth Perception, I had a potent set of notions swirling […]

The Resurrection

State of emergency snowboarding in Jackson Hole A simple flick of a switch eliminates the matter of darkness. The press of a button macerates coffee […]

Lights Out

Trauma in the mountains is often cloaked in a culture of silence One hundred and eighty seconds seems like a blip in time, but the […]

Anxious Adventure

A Jackson pro-snowboarder connects with Nepal’s first generation of female mountain guides It started with a post-it note. Pro-snowboarder Halina Boyd was at her Teton […]

Writing on the Wall

When the men told her she couldn’t, one woman refused to listen The sun is far from stirring and my alarm is chiding me with […]

Shattered Doubts

The passion, vision and gratitude of Will Mercer When Will Mercer was eight years old, he strapped into a snowboard for the first time and […]

Dropping Next

Snowboarding brought the mayor of Jackson here, but that’s not why he stayed It’s 8:30 on Monday morning and people are piled into the tram […]

Blue Collar Advocate

Riding the line between life and death in New Zealand The indigenous Māori people of New Zealand believe the mountains are the link between the […]

Ancient Revelations

The sacred, unexplored lines of Jackson Hole’s royal family “For nearly a century and a half until its discovery in 1807, geographical isolation and the […]

First Descent Eminence

Snowboarding has returned to its soulful roots Ours is a rich legacy, young grasshopper. From the original crude, organic materials of the past to the […]

In Good Shape

While the U.S. politicizes climate change, even people in remote ancient villages are sounding the alarm   Riding on a horse-drawn toboggan, we weave through […]

Chinese Puzzle

‘The Fourth Phase’ delivers empirical truths for the young and old Travis Rice stirs pride among Jacksonites of all stripes because he is testament to […]

A Brotherhood