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Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine is a legendary & beloved independent snowboarding magazine with a storied history. It’s also one of the premiere snow publications in the world: beautifully designed, perfect-bound, and filled with gripping adventure stories & incredible photography. Weproduce one big issue every winter and distribute it for free throughout Jackson Hole and the Tetons. We also have a rapidly growing base of paid subscribers across the United States and Canada. Every issue lives on coffee tables for months and often finds a permanent spot on bookshelves.

Winter 22/23 “Races To Dornans” cover art by Valerie Black

We do one epic issue every winter.

For nineteen years now JHSM has been the annual chronicle of snowboarding in the Tetons. We explore tough issues right next to stories of adventures and stoke. This season we’re devoting our issue to celebrating the best winter of all time.

Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine – Shred Devotion
Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine Issue 17 - Snake Milkers

Each issue is a true celebration of local shred culture in Jackson Hole

We delve deep into the essence of snowboarding, capturing the spirit of adventure and camaraderie that defines our community. Our pages come alive with stories of passionate riders, awe-inspiring powder days, and the pulse of the mountain lifestyle. But it doesn't stop there. Every year, we collaborate closely with a talented artist from within our very own community to craft a magazine cover that not only captures the essence of our shred culture but also showcases the unique creative spirit that runs through the veins of Jackson Hole.

Our Community


Heather Hendricks

Olaus Linn

Mark Epstein

Jenelle Linn

Bethany Chambers
Mariana Ferraci Martone
Gastón Porte


Our Advisory Board of passionate Jackson Hole riders keeps JHSM innovative, soulful, and dedicated.

Halina Boyd
Mark Carter
Mikey Franco
Bryan Iguchi
Rob Kingwill
Jeff Moran
Lance Pitman
Julie Zell


Pat Bridges
Alex Showerman
Emilé Zynobia
Sofia Jaramillo
Keegan Rice
Oli Gagnon
Aaron Blatt
Tim Zimmerman
Dean “Blotto” Grey
Katie Lozancich
and many more..

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