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Issue 13


In the midst of global challenges, the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board delivers a poignant message through a promotional video featuring an unexpected narrator, Charlie Chaplin. The video contrasts serene mountain vistas with Chaplin’s timeless voice, reminding us of humanity’s need for kindness and connection. Chaplin’s speech, originally from his film “The Great Dictator,” resonates with today’s uncertainties, drawing parallels between the past and our current struggles. While the video can be interpreted in diverse ways, its essence, captured in the slogan “Stay Wild,” urges the preservation of Jackson Hole’s natural beauty. The campaign, though a call to protect wild places, is also a strategic marketing effort to attract visitors and revenue. This issue embraces narratives of change and activism within the outdoor community, highlighting those who address pressing issues like climate change and gender equality. It conveys a message that counterculture must evolve to influence systemic change, echoing Chaplin’s call for unity and action against oppressive forces. In a world beset by challenges, the magazine propels us forward, reminding us that our collective agency and shared commitment can shape a wilder, better future.


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