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Issue 10


Step into the bustling hub of the Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine headquarters, nestled within the West Kelly residence. The scene is one of intense focus, as art director Olaus Linn and team members remain glued to their laptops, surrounded by a landscape of emptied Red Bull cans, coffee mugs, and discarded Sour Patch Kids packaging.  The intricate orchestration of the magazine’s components parallels the adrenaline of snowboarding itself. Collaborating with dedicated creative professionals, who readily channel their fervor into writing, photography, illustration, and design, evokes optimism within the context of an increasingly tumultuous world. Participation in the vibrant JH snowboarding community satiates a fundamental human need for affiliation. This tenth-anniversary edition has undergone a refined redesign, meticulously executed by Olaus, the creative counterpart, who amusingly shifts accents while navigating the frantic pre-deadline hours. A summer spent reinvigorating the magazine resulted in a defined vision, focusing on transformation, enhanced contributor representation, and immersive reader engagement. Olaus’s diligent efforts culminated in a polished canvas featuring a metal-inspired aesthetic, capturing the essence of what the snowboarding scene in Jackson Hole embodies.

JHSM Issue 10 – Cover

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