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Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine Issue 19 Cover Art piece called "Wydaho Roots" by Aimee Babneau

Issue Nineteen

In Issue Nineteen you’ll find stories from visionaries, doers, dreamers, everyday folks, pros, and purists. We’re calling this issue The Deep One, in honor of the incredible winter we had last season and the spark it rekindled in so many of us. 


Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine – Cover

Issue Eighteen

In this issue, discover stories from fellow snowboarders, skiers, artists, and wanderers. From the language of après-ski to celebrating unsung snowboard heroes, the journey unfolds. Delve into the world of pro snowboarders turned entrepreneurs and the legacy of individuals who've left their mark on Jackson Hole.


JHSM Issue 17 Cover

Issue Seventeen

Amid the ongoing global pandemic, Issue Seventeen of Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine reflects the enduring allure of snowboarding. Through stories that intertwine stoke and seriousness, we honor local influencers, delve into mental well-being, and embrace the unpredictable nature of the sport.


Issue Sixteen

Through our sixteenth issue, we recognize the evolution of our role—to uplift the voices and stories often sidelined. Our pages host a rich tapestry of insights, exploring diversity and spotlighting local perspectives. As we navigate uncertainty, one thing is clear: our shared passion for snowboarding unites us, offering solace and hope as we journey forward.


Issue Fifteen

In Issue Fifteen of Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine, the evolving snowboarding landscape in Jackson Hole takes center stage. From navigating access challenges on Teton Pass to capturing the spirit of riders triumphing over adversity, each story offers a glimpse into the dynamic intersection of snowboarding, culture, and society.

Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine Issue Fourteen Cover

Issue Fourteen

In the mountains, vulnerability lays bare our true character and connections. A day in Japan's backcountry with Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine's publishers, Jenelle and Olaus Linn, exemplifies this. Their guidance mirrors their magazine's transition, now stewards of stories and a thriving snow community.

Issue Thirteen

This issue embraces narratives of change and activism within the outdoor community, highlighting those who address pressing issues like climate change and gender equality. It conveys a message that counterculture must evolve to influence systemic change, echoing Chaplin's call for unity and action against oppressive forces.


Issue Twelve

In Issue 12 of Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine, the theme of the ultimate journey takes center stage. The issue delves into the varied experiences of snowboarders exploring far-flung locales and internal landscapes shaped by their passion for snowboarding. From Arctic expeditions to treacherous Wyoming peak climbs, the contributors share their tales.

Issue Eleven

In Issue 11 of Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine, we reflect on the sense of community and non-judgment we experienced in the early rave scene, where people sought to reject mainstream culture. Similarly, our snowboarding journey rekindled a gleaming anticipation of adventure.

JHSM Issue 10 – Cover

Issue Ten

This tenth-anniversary edition has undergone a refined redesign, meticulously executed by Olaus, the creative counterpart, who amusingly shifts accents while navigating the frantic pre-deadline hours. A summer spent reinvigorating the magazine resulted in a defined vision, focusing on transformation, enhanced contributor representation, and immersive reader engagement. Olaus's diligent efforts culminated in a polished canvas featuring a metal-inspired aesthetic, capturing the essence of what the snowboarding scene in Jackson Hole embodies.

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