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For nineteen years Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine has celebrated & explored snowboarding culture in Wyoming.

About Us

Blake’s World

Blake Paul takes his pals on a whirlwind snowboard tour of Jackson Hole

Pass Pioneers

Rob Garrett was there at the beginning of snowboarding in Jackson Hole

Making Cents

Can we find a way out of this billionaire wilderness?

Artist Aimee Babneau holds the custom painting she did for the Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine Issue 19 cover. She's wearing an orange beanie, green tshirt, and overalls, and standing outside in front of a snowy backdrop.

Deeply Rooted

Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine Issue 19 cover artist Aimee Babneau finds her creative flow in the Tetons through snowboarding.

Snowboarder Magazine – Sick of Going Solo

Sick of Going Solo?

Tana Hoffman has started a new adventure collective helping women find their outdoor friends

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