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Rider Cam Fitzpatrick sends it deep into Corbet's. Photo: Ryan Dee

Kings & Queens of Corbet’s 2019 Competition

Reading Time: 3 minutes

What do you get when you mix several feet of untracked snow, a steep couloir dotted with wicked man-made kickers, a bunch of frothy elite-level snowboarders, and $10,000 on the line? You get one of the wildest spectacles to take place on an in-bounds run at a ski resort: the second annual Kings & Queens of Corbet’s, a competition held in the legendary Corbet’s Couloir at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. What took place on February 12, 2019 was a monumental display of 40+ foot airs, spins, backflips, pow turns, and of course a lot of crashes, all of which were captured by Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Rider Mikey Marohn launching into Corbet’s on his first run. Photo: Ryan Dee


Travis Rice throws a casual spin while maching down Corbet’s. Photo: Ryan Dee


Hana Beaman with the high-five method for the crowd at the bottom. Photo: Ryan Dee


Around and around Cam Fitzpatrick flips but where will he land? Photo: Ryan Dee


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Travis Rice getting tweaking one out. Photo: Ryan Dee


Female rider Niki Kelly throwing some style around. Photo: Ryan Dee


A trademark Mikey Marohn Method. Photo: Ryan Dee


Trevor Kennison with the absolutely huge air into Corbet’s. Photo: Ryan Dee


Cam Fitzpatrick straight-lining his run through the finish. Photo: Ryan Dee

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