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Photo: Ryan Dee

2019 Teton Surf Classic

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Heavy metal gaps, sunny surf slashes, penguin-suited riders and miller flips.

The Teton Surf Classic at Grand Targhee Resort encapsulated snowboarding’s surf roots and its religion of rebellion. The snowboard surf-style competition drew nearly 150 snowboarders in the professional, amateur, masters and grom categories on Sunday, March 31. They competed on a course shaped for spring slush slashing and surf style tricks. Indeed, Targhee’s park and pipe crew spent 30 hours hand-shaping the Teton Surf Classic course with said heavy metal gaps, a quarter pipe, jumps, lips and more. Judges scored riders on their speed, power and flow. “They look for how many features you hit, style in the air and what you wear,” emcee Jeff Moran instructed competitors while the surf rock of Dick Dale (RIP) filled the air.

Rider Olivia Kesterson stretches out a method right where it counts, in front of the judges panel. Photo: Ryan Dee
Eric Doyle airs one out. Photo: Ryan Dee
Rider Brian Cynkar making a tasty turn straight to a unexpecting fan's face. Photo: Olaus Linn
Rider Chase Burch through the high speed banked corner. Photo: Ryan Dee
Riders (from left to right) Aaron Lebowitz, Jennifer Williams, Keaton Britt, and Josh Wolfman flying through a party lap.
Photo: Ryan Dee
The flying fish, Josh Wolfman. Photo: Olaus Linn
Rider Cecilia Roy all smiles at the end of her run. Photo: Ryan Dee
Slush bomb from rider Luke Strub. Photo: Ryan Dee
Robert Leonard proving he can ride as well with just one foot as he can with two. Photo: Ryan Dee
Girls Grom winners (from left to right) Arah Rockefeller, Halle Heron, and Piper Kelly. Photo: Ryan Dee
Rider Piper Kelly clutching her new hardware. Photo: Ryan Dee
Boys Grom winner Ryder Musselman was definitely stoked. Photo: Ryan Dee

What was notable about this cadre of competitors, beyond the countless handplants and stylish methods, was its diversity. Iconic Jackson Hole riders—Rob Kingwill, Lance Pitman, Mikey Marohn, Adam Dowell—crushed the course but Teton Valley rider Cody Lee took home the gold Shaka Trophy. Dozens of women riders appeared in all categories and Iris Lazzareschi took the top spot in the pro division. Their message: if you build it, we will come, we will slash, we will conquer. See the winners here.

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