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Information about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

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What you need to know

1. Just because someone looks okay on the outside does not mean they are alright on the inside. Concussions will produce signs and symptoms such as balance issues, headache/migraine, blurred or impaired vision, dizziness, elevated heart rate, profuse sweating, anxiety/mood changes, memory problems, and/or cervical spine issues.

“Patients do not have the subjective language to express the what and the how they are feeling following brain injury.” Jessica Schwartz, DPT

2. No two concussions are the same. Assessment and management is unique to each individual.

3. Regulation of daily, healthy activities is important to recovery from a concussion or mild TBI, including proper sleep, daily exercise, adequate hydration, and eating right and regularly.

4. “When it comes to youth sports, it is best to take a multi-sport approach instead of only playing one sport. Early specialization is not a good idea for young kids going into sports at a competitive level.” American Development Model, Brian Hainline

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5. A concussion is a transient injury, which typically resolves in 7-10 days. However, there can be post-concussive symptoms, which remain following the resolution of a concussion.

6. Signs and symptoms following concussions are treatable. There are resources and support groups available, to help manage recovery.

Local Resources

St John’s Medical Center & Urgent Care

(307) 739.7463

The first stop for the expertise brain injury demands. St John’s Hospital hosts a monthly support group for those affected by TBI which is facilitated by Oliver Gross, LCSW and Chris Smithwick, MA, CCC-SLP. 4th Tuesday of every month from 4-5pm in the Wellness Flex Room (Schedule subject to change).

Love Your Brain


The mission of Love Your Brain (LYB) is to improve the quality of life of people affected by TBI through programs that build community and foster resilience. From education to action, events, and beyond, LYB is a leading the charge. A specialized yoga program will be available at Teton Yoga Shala starting 2020.

Watershed Jackson


A local nonprofit founded by Hayden Hilke, MSR, DPT. Watershed seeks to educate the greater Jackson community about TBI and spinal cord injury and how they affect this community of athletes. They raise funds for accessibility, research and awareness with the aim of promoting a return to an active lifestyle.

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