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Marvin Martel is more than a great rider, he embodies snowboarding culture

If you’ve ever seen a group of groms [young riders] ripping around Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and wondered who they were, it’s probably Marvin Martel and his friends. It doesn’t matter what the conditions are; Marvin will be out on the mountain charging around and smiling from ear to ear.

There is way more to snowboarding than just being on a board. There is a deep culture and lifestyle that fully embodies snowboarding and Marvin is completely engulfed by it. He is constantly telling stories about his adventures of the day on snow and loves sharing his stoke for riding with the other kids.

Marvin has been a part of the JHSC Freeride Program for a handful of years now and has been the team captain for the last two years. Being a coach for the Freeride Program myself, I couldn’t expect a better team captain. He is not only a talented snowboarder but also a tremendous role model for the entire team. He might not realize it, but all of the younger athletes flock to him while he is in the team room telling stories and going on with his antics. In such a creative and impressive setting, surrounded by talent, Marvin’s personality shines through and stands out. There have been many times he has had all of the coaches smiling and laughing with his goofy ways.

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Marvin has helped me on multiple occasions when I have been in a bind while coaching the team. He is so quick to step forward and offer his assistance to anyone in need. He’s also really good at flipping the switch from fun mode to serious mode when it is appropriate and that is very difficult to find in a teenager in any setting, let alone while snowboarding. He is the definition of a leader, and I am so proud of how he has progressed as an athlete and as a person in the last few years.
There is a difference between someone who has gone snowboarding and someone who is a snowboarder; Marvin Martel embraces that culture and stands out even in a place full of bright stars.

Randy Strand
is the head snowboard coach for the JHSC Freeride Program and loves playing live music when he’s not snowboarding.

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