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Rider Mikey Marohn launching into Corbet's on his first run.

Kings & Queens of Corbet’s Livestream & Preview 2022

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Kings & Queens of Corbet’s is confirmed to pop off on Thursday, Feb. 17 at 10 a.m. MST at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

The fifth iteration of the annual event will feature the fanatical antics of 24 of the world’s best snowboarders and skiers. All are eager to send it into Corbet’s Couloir and through the massive course that’s filled with natural and manmade jumps.

Will reigning queen Madison Blackley maintain her title for the snowboard women? Who will take it for the men? It’s anyone’s game as of now, and battle for the crown is sure to ensue.

Catch all the action live and for free exclusively through Red Bull TV on and in the player below.

Kings & Queens of Corbet’s Livestream


A brief History of Corbet’s Couloir from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort:

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● In 1960, Paul Mcollister, then-president of the Jackson Hole Ski Club (and one of the founders of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort), was researching Rendezvous Peak as a possible ski resort site when he climbed and skied the mountain with fellow local resident Barry Corbet, a Canadian-born, Dartmouth College student who had dropped out of school and moved to Jackson to be a skier and mountaineer, and to work for Exum Mountain Guides. As they ascended to where the top tram dock is today, Corbet is said to have pointed out a rock and cornice-crowned, 40-degree slice of snow in the north-facing cliffs of the peak and predicted, “Some day, that will be a ski run.” Barry did ski his namesake, from the top, a year or two after Lonnie Ball.

The famed Corbet’s Couloir. Photo: JHMR

● It was first skied by local ski patroller Lonnie Ball in 1967
● Joe Larrow made history in 1979 with a jaw-dropping, massive air. Larrow tucked from the top of the tram and sent it straight into the chute, landing about a third of the way down and probably eighty feet out.
● Alex Mason successfully slack-lined Corbet’s during the August 2017 total solar eclipse. ● In the Spring of 2017, Casey Brown and Cam McCaul completed the first descents on a mountain bike into a snow-filled Corbet’s while filming with TGR.
● In 2019 Trevor Kennison became the first sit skier to air into Corbet’s
Corbet’s anatomy:
● Nose – The large center launch point.
● Goat Path – the skiers left entrance, generally the safest entry point
● West Wall
● Coombs Cave – skiers left, cave dedicated to the legendary Doug Coombs ● lookers left of Corbet’s is S&S Couloir, its initials stand for the first two skiers to drop into it: legendary former patrollers John Simms (founder of Life-Link and Simms Fishing) and Charlie Sands (of Jackson’s Sand’s Whitewater), who to this day refuse to say who went in first.

Corbet’s Stats:
● Ski patrol will open the couloir each season when there’s enough snow to cover the boulders in the chute and rocks in the entrance. That’s generally when there’s about a 50 to 70 inch base.
● Ski patrol monitors conditions and opens and closes the couloir depending on safety ● The slope averages 45 degrees.
● Corbet’s consistently lands at the top of lists, such as Steepest/ Most Intense/ Hardest/ Scariest/ Most Dangerous Ski Run in North America

Event History:
● K&Q 2022 will be the 5th consecutive year of the event
● Jake Hopfinger and Parkin Costain(2020 King) First Ski double backflips (2020)

● Mikey Marohn first snowboard double backflip (2020)
● Sam Kuch first ski double cork 1080 (2020)
● Karl Fostvedt, only two time King of Corbet’s (2018) (2021)
● Caite Zeliff, only two time Queen of Corbet’s (2018) (2019)
● Madison Blackley, first and only snowboard Queen of Corbet’s (2021)

Check out more action from Kings & Queens of Corbet’s here, and stay locked to @jhsnowboarder for action from the ground, on the ‘gram.

Kings & Queens of Corbet’s Photos and Results: 2021

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