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Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine – Editor's Note
Photo: Keegan Rice Rider: Yama (aka Orange Man)

Right To Party

Editor’s Note

Got a cold one in your hand right now? I imagine you standing in the Saloon at the Mangy Moose, peering into this long-awaited new issue of Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine. You squint to read these words–awash in ambient bar light–the lingering scent of spilled beer in your nostrils, and the sound of the live band rattling in your eardrums. Your homies are all around you, safe and warm, drinking in the moment. The vibe is high—exactly like the last time, and the time before that. You take another sip and settle in. Welcome to The Afterparty.

However you found us, wherever you picked up this magazine, we’re happy you’re reading it. The following pages are filled with stories written by other snowboarders, skiers, artists, and wanderers. Check out Randy Strand’s guide to the language of aprés (page 42) and Lindsay Vallen hailing unsung snowboard hero Alex Isley and his 100th month in a row riding on snow (page 64). Take another sip and turn the page.

Jackson Hole
We were shocked when Valerie painted trees on the cover.

The Afterparty Issue is also about what happens when we take off our boots, or hang them up for good. Katie Lozancich gives us a peek at what pro snowboarders turned up-and-coming businessmen Alex Yoder and Cam FitzPatrick are up to (page 51). Mikey Franco tells us about his history in the valley, and how he has stuck the landing with Franco Snowshapes (page 78). We also have a story from yours truly about Tana Hoffman and the very cool ILLA app she launched this summer (page 93).

All parties do come to an end though. We never know when our next moment may be our last. Jackson Hole is grieving the sudden passing of Rajat Balu Bhayani. Raj was an epic snowboarder and the legendary man behind the bar at the Stagecoach. On endless Disco Nights he kept the party going and the drinks flowing. He carved out a niche that allowed him to shred as much as possible and make it work in Jackson Hole. Along the way he made countless friends—probably more than he even realized. He will be greatly missed.

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So let’s keep the Afterparty going. Enjoy this moment with your buddies in a dim bar after a great day of riding. Order another round, take a shot, and send it. Let another year of JHSM take you away.



Heather Hendricks drives a big ol’ turquoise truck she bargained off a rancher in Montana. Follow her for shred antics & more.

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