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Issue 18


Want to own Issue 18 in print? Missing a copy from your Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine collection? We’ve got a handful of back issues left in stock.

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Welcome to “The Afterparty” – Issue 18 of Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine. Come on in and grab yourself a cold one. Picture yourself in the Mangy Moose Saloon, surrounded by friends, enveloped in the high-vibe atmosphere of camaraderie. In this issue, discover stories from fellow snowboarders, skiers, artists, and wanderers. From the language of après-ski to celebrating unsung snowboard heroes, the party continues. We remember those who’ve left us, cherishing every moment. So keep the afterparty going, order another round, and let another year of JHSM sweep you away. Cover art by Valerie Black.

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