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Every subscription we sell helps us pay for more photos, writing, editing, and better printing. JHSM is like public radio: the product is free but the folks who choose to pay for it are making a real difference in the community.

SHAPER Subscription – Annual

$30.00 now, and $30.00 on December 1st each year

This annual subscription gets you the current issue of Jackson Hole Snowboard Magazine, a limited-edition Avalon-7 neck gaiter featuring the cover art from the issue, and a JHSM die-cut vinyl sticker pack, plus exclusive discounts on merch and event tickets. You’ll also get to participate in the Shred Coalition, the snowboarding community we’re building to help riders get paid for creating content.

First payment: December 1, 2022



Special Edition Issue Seventeen Avalon 7 Neck Gaiter

This gaiter is only available with a SHAPER subscription! If you want to be rocking Evan Grainger’s incredible stained-glass cover art piece titled “Lines” on your face this winter, you’ll need to become a subscriber.

What Is Shred Coalition?

Shred Coalition is just a group of folks who love snowboarding and want to post rad content for each other to enjoy. When you subscribe you’ll gain access to our private Instagram and be invited to submit clips & photos. We pay $100 to the 5 best submissions every week during the season!

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