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SHAPER Subscription – Annual

$30.00 now, and $30.00 on December 5th each year

This annual subscription gets you the current issue of Jackson Hole Snowboard Magazine, a limited-edition Avalon-7 neck gaiter featuring the cover art from the issue, and a JHSM die-cut vinyl sticker pack, plus exclusive discounts on merch and event tickets.

First payment: December 5, 2023



Special Edition Avalon 7 Neck Gaiter

We release a special edition A7 neck gaiter with cover art from each issue. This gaiter is only available with a SHAPER subscription! If you want to be rocking the Issue Eighteen cover art on your face this winter, you’ll need to become a subscriber.

Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine Die-cut Sticker Pack

You know you want a die-cut vinyl JHSM sticker for your snowboard. Includes 4 slick die-cut stickers: one 4″ white JHSM logo, one 4″ black JHSM logo, and two 2″ round stickers in black and white.

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Weight 0.74375 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × .4 in

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