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Photo: Ryan Dee

Sliding into Sidereal Haus

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A dynamic space to create, collaborate, and rest your head, Sidereal Haus is an oasis for all.

A finite amount of time is gifted to us all. How we choose to use it is a decision we’re blessed to make each day. As snowboarders, we’re inherently drawn to the mountains and seek to spend our time creating, exploring, and building together. 

Admittedly, these passions cost many pennies, but they pay us back in fulfilling ways. As snowboarders being nimble is at our core. Many of us have learned to carve from endeavor to endeavor simply to keep our snow seeking dreams afloat.  

Such is true for New York native, part-time Jackson local, and full-time snowboarder, Jessica Kaplan. Kaplan has made her living by always being ahead of the curve.

In the late nineties, Kaplan earned her chops as a solo female sales girl by slinging snowboards at one of the only core shops in New York City. She then set sail to the west coast and logged a couple 100+ day seasons in Tahoe, before landing a job as a marketing coordinator for SIMS Snowboards in Los Angeles.

By age 25, she was offered a position with Burton Snowboards and headed back east. This spawned a longtime friendship with the brand including one with Donna Carpenter, Burton’s current chairman of the board. Jessica now also sits on board of directors of The Chill Foundation — a 25 year old philanthropic platform the Carpenter family and Burton Snowboards founded in 1995.

Fast-forward through a successful career as a writer, editor, trend forecaster and more, with a budding family in NYC– Kaplan felt the pull for a new challenge.

Enter Sidereal Haus: A full-service branding space located on the West Bank of Jackson in The Aspens.

Kaplan and her team have completely redesigned and curated the space specifically for partnerships and collaboration. With sustainability and design at its core.

Kaplan’s freshest project melds professional work with her love of snowboarding and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

“Jess Kaplan understands culture, from fashion to music to sports, she has always had an eye and passion for all things mountain,” says Circe Wallace, former pro snowboarder and Travis Rice’s longtime agent. “Sidereal Haus is just an extension of [Jessica’s]  in-the-know perspective and a static place to learn about what’s happening in a creative environment that fosters community and innovation. I’m so excited for her tastemaker Chateau. I feel lucky to be invited in!” says Wallace. 

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Sidereal Haus offers chic and accessible designs, a vibrant living room, and all the amenities one needs on a snowboard trip with the added touch of elevated art installations.

The thoughtfully curated pieces include an intriguing celestial scene in the loft bedroom, which captures an image of a far off galaxy. It has an uncanny resemblance to the outline of the Tetons. The Haus also features art adorned walls and coffee table books that beckon to be thumbed through, with collectables from Obey and Supreme.

The core of Sidereal Haus is the unique and carefully curated partnerships Kaplan has worked hard to bring together and elevate. The current brands de jour include pieces from Laurel + Ash Farm, Clary Collection, Alessandra Rivera and Beau Rush. Each guest of Sideral Haus will get an intimate view of these brands throughout their stay. New partnerships and brands are currently in the works as well.

A celestial scene graces the king loft bedroom that has its own private full bath. Photo: Ryan Dee

Through the vehicle of Sidereal Haus, Kaplan has created an inclusive, cozy environment where all are welcome and encouraged to be themselves. 

Check out how you can get involved at

“Create your own time. Set your own pace.

Discover your own experience.’ 

– Sidereal Haus Manifesto.

Jessica Kaplan has contributed to Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine, and is also a member of  The Chill Foundation. Find out more about her here.

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A place for you to make your own time in Jackson. Photo: Ryan Dee

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